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This page and work, are a result of Kevin’s efforts, it is not likely that he will tell you that, so I will take a moment of your time and tell you. Kevin has been helping Vietnam veterans find those they served with since the 1990s. Usually he responds to messages for help left on veterans’ bulletin boards. He has developed a system that is working for him and others that have tried it. On this page he offers two options for locating your friend: 1) the sources, so that you can do the search yourself, or 2) fill out the below form, and he will do the search for you. Kevin is also responsible for the research and compiling our List of Valor Awards. He is still looking for additional names for our Valor List. If you know of 3/26 members that should be on our list, that we have missed, please contact us.

We wish you success in your search.

To assist you in locating individuals you served with, or those whom your friend or family member served with, we offer two methods of search-assistance.

1) If you prefer to do the search yourself, click on the following link to read a document describing the key sites and tools Kevin uses in searching for individuals - Using the Internet to Locate Vietnam Veterans.

2) If you wish for Kevin to do the search for you.  Using the below form, fill in as many of the blanks as you can for the individual you’re looking for. Leave anything you’re unsure of blank. If Kevin is able to locate a lead or leads on the individual (which he can about 70% of the time), he will provide that information to you. Kevin does not contact the individual, but instead provides the contact information to you for your use, if and when you see fit.

NOTE: Extremely common names – Bob Smith, Bill Jones, etc., are very difficult to narrow down and unlikely to result in successfully identifying the correct individual. Even with less common names it sometimes requires following up on multiple leads before locating the correct individual. Our methods and search tools are geared to locating individuals who served in Vietnam.

Buddy Locator Search Request Form

Kevin will be your contact person for the search.

Individual you are looking for:

   First Name           Middle Name       Last Name

At a minimum we need a last name, first and last name is best. We can’t do anything with nicknames only.

Branch of Service:    (example: Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines)

Unit served in:   (example: 3rd Bn 5th Marines, 144th Field Artillery, 539th Fighter Wing, USS Duluth)

Approximate Vietnam service dates   (example: 67/68 1969-70)

(We don't need the specific MOS code or official title - just an idea of what he did - grunt, engineer, forklift operator, personnel clerk etc.)

(One of the key databases we use shows race and sometimes this helps to narrow things down)

(LCpl for example - so we can include/exclude officers, senior NCO’s or general enlisted personnel as appropriate)

(doesn't have to be specific as in City, State but a general idea such as New England, Northwest, the South etc   - helps in the search)

Any additional information that may assist in the search:


Your contact information (so we can send what we find on the above individual)

Your Name:


Your relationship to the person we are searching for:

Your Email address:

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